Hornby class 87 sound fitting guide

Hornby class 87 sound fitting guide

The Hornby 87 has surprisingly little space and its a model that people often ask about when they are fitting sound. Start by prising off the body, it has clips along the sides and comes off fairly easily.

Take out the 2 screws holding the PCB so that you can get to underneath it.

Even though Hornby provide space for a speaker at the opposite end to the socket, we dont recommend using it as its very restrictive, instead we use black tack to hold the speaker under the PCB, above the drive shaft, at the same end as the 8 pin socket.

Theres space for the decoder in a little pocket next to the 8 pin socket, a micro size decoder has to be used or it wont fit here. Tape the ribbon cable and speaker wires flat onto the PCB using Kapton tape. Take care not to kink and damage the ribbon cable.

Find the decoder on our website here.