Speaker Wiring Instructions

Connecting the speakers to the decoder

There are various ways to connect your speaker to the decoder, some are safer than others, and we definitely don't recommend soldering directly to the decoder.

Using two speakers

People often ask the difference between series and parallel when it comes to wiring speakers. If you are using two speakers its important that you understand the difference and use the correct method to avoid damaging your decoder.

Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel will give a 4 ohm load, which is ideal for Loksound and Zimo decoders. (Not suitable for the Loksound 3.5)

Two 4 ohm speakers in series will give an 8 ohm load making them suitable for the decoders above, as well as Hornby TTS and TXS  or Soundtraxx Tsunami or Econami decoders.

If you wish to use a 4 ohm and an 8 ohm speaker together they should be wired in series and should be suitable for all the decoder types mentioned. Consult the manual for your decoder if you aren't sure.

If you still need help you can contact us for additional help.