Fitting Sound To The Hornby HST

Fitting Sound To The Hornby HST

This is how we usually fit sound and a Megabass speaker to the HST. Start by removing the body. There are 4 screws and the back of the body lifts off first so it can be slid over the nose.

The new 21 pin models come with a speaker at the back of the power car.

This speaker is glued to the cab floor but can easily be prised off. Unsolder the wires and connect them to the new speaker.

Cut the lugs off the speaker. Use either a cutting disk on a mini drill or use a pair of side cutters.

The speaker needs to be fitted in a very particular way or you won't be able to get the body back on. We stick the decoder to the roof as far back as it will go, facing downwards. When you re fit the body make sure the wires don't block the screw holes or catch the fan or drive shaft.

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