ESU ECoS 2.2 Command Station 50220. Due 2024 Q1

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ECoS 50220 digital control centre

With the ECoS ESU Command Station 50220, we are pleased to introduce you to the latest generation of our successful ECoS digital centre. The ECoS 50220 has been technically revised internally for the 2024 season to take into account the availability of electronic components.
The ECoS offers you the most modern digital technology and a range of functions that is unique in the model railway industry, with which both (new) beginners and “experts” who are looking for a new headquarters will not be disappointed. Operating the device is child's play thanks to the large colour display with a new capacitive touch panel and the coordinated user interface: All symbols are large and clearly structured, information is displayed in plain text in different languages. The ECoS control centre contains everything you need for digital system operation: Simply connect and get started.

Technical data
• 7" TFT display with capacitive touchscreen, can be operated without a pen
• 90-240V power supply included
• Output voltage adjustable between 15 and 21V

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