DCC Sound Speaker Buyers Guide

If you aren't sure which speaker to fit to your DCC sound loco we have some useful information which might help you decide.

Volume And Bass

Firstly you need to think about the type of sound you want, for example some speakers are louder whilst others produce more bass. This diagram below shows roughly what to expect in terms of bass and volume from each category of speaker.

Speaker Size

Usually when people choose a speaker they have to compromise between sound performance and ease of fitting. There are some easy ways to free up space in a model though; for example in a diesel loco you can often remove the plastic which holds the fan in place and hold it with black tack. In a steam loco you can remove the large weight from the tender and use smaller (but heavier) self adhesive weights. The fuel tanks are a useful space for speakers on a diesel loco but the model often needs to be dismantled to access them.

Small Speakers

The big technology companies spend a lot of money making sure their phones and tablets sound the best, this means making small speakers that produce a big sound. Our speakers with the words 'tablet' or 'iPhone' offer great sound quality and volume for their size compared to traditional, cone type speakers of a similar size.

Multiple Speakers

Its possible to use more than one speaker but it's important to wire them correctly and know what your decoder works with. Typically you might use two small speakers if there isn't space for one big one, or you might choose a speaker thats very good with bass and a more high pitched speaker to get a better balance of sound. There are two ways to wire them and it's important that you get this right. Find details here.

Listen to the speakers

We have video examples of most of the speakers which you can watch before buying them, but it's also very important to hear how the speakers compare with each other so we have also produced quite a few videos showing multiple speakers playing the same sound.


Find our full range of speakers here. Different speakers suit different locos so its often worth trying a few options and seeing which you prefer, any left over speakers will probably suit another loco. If you still aren't sure please feel free to contact us with any questions.