Sound Fitting The Dapol Manor

Sound Fitting The Dapol Manor

I had a Dapol manor here for sound fitting this week, the customer also requested a stay alive, finding space for this proved to be quite difficult!

The model has space for two speakers, one in the tender and one in the smoke box under the decoder. the 20x40 bass enhanced speaker fits the model perfectly,  even the screw holes line up as they should, and the wire can be connected to the wires which dapol have left in the tender, making it an easy install.

In the smoke box you can use a 15x11 speaker, and dapol provide an enclosure for it, which comes in the detail pack, the speaker clips to the under side of the tray which pulls out for the decoder.

The only space I could find for a stay alive was the space for the second speaker, so this was sacrificed for better running of the loco, in reality it doesn't really affect the sound, the big speaker does all the work.

I had to make a small cut out with a dremmel in the pul out tray, and bent the capacitor on the Train-o-matic SPP-N so it was at 90 degrees to the circuit board, meaning the capacitor stands vertically behind the smoke box door, there was just enough space!

See a video of the loco below, this includes additional details and photos of the installation process.