Sound Fitting The Bachmann MPV

Sound Fitting The Bachmann MPV

This guide shows how to fit sound to the Bachmann MPV. There are two possible ways to do it, one requires soldering, one doesn't In our opinion the best way to do it is to put the speaker under the model, this requires the speaker wires to be fed through and soldered onto the PCB.


Remove the 4 screws and unhook the coupling spring with tweezers to remove the cover.


The speaker can be held in place with black tack.


Feed the wires through the same slot that bachmann use for the other wires and solder them to the speaker plus and minus terminals on the PCB


Alternativley, if you dont want to solder, you can take the weight out of the tank which covers the decoder and theres plenty of space to put a 20x20x7 speaker in there.

Find the decoder on our website here.