New Bachmann Class 40 Sound Fitting Guide

New Bachmann Class 40 Sound Fitting Guide


The Bachmann class 40 comes with two built in sugarcube speakers making it very easy to fit sound to, but you may want to upgrade those to something better. Here's how we did ours. Start by removing the 8 screws that hold the body. Theres 2 under each nose, and 4 more central ones.

Once the body is off you'll see the 2 speakers. To remove them, unscrew the PCB and remove the screws that hold the speakers from underneath it.

You'll be left with a flat space, with some brass pads which can be soldered to.

We used two 27mm round bass enhanced speakers, these need to be wired in series, so join a red and black wire, then solder 1 wire to a positive pad, and 1 to a negative, like in the above image.

The two speakers fit nicely on the flat area of the PCB, remember to fit the sound decoder before you replace the body! This pushes into the Plux22 socket at the fr right of the picture.

Find the sound decoder here, you can get one of the speakers free, or add a second for an extra £5

If you just need the speakers, find them here.