How to connect new speakers to Loksound decoders

How to connect new speakers to Loksound decoders

If you are buying speakers to upgrade the sound in your models we have a few methods we recommend. And one we definitely don't!

The easiest way is to join your speaker wires to the existing brown wires on your decoder. If your new speaker has red and black wires, it doesn't matter which way round they go. Insulate the joint with kapton tape or heat shrink, both available from our website on their own or as part of a decoder fitting it.

Another safe method is to not connect the speaker to the decoder but to use the speaker terminals on the models PCB. 8 pin models don't have them, but the rest usually do. They are usually marked with 'SP+' and 'SP-' or something similar.

We definitely wouldn't recommend connecting speakers directly to the decoder, as this is a common cause of damage, unless done by someone very experienced. We only do it ourselves as a last resort.

If you would prefer not to try any of these methods and want us to do it for you, we can! We have the option to connect an upgrade speaker supplied with a decoder, for £1.99. We also have services to fit sound to models, which include an upgraded speaker.

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