Fitting A Stay Alive To Loksound Decoders

Fitting A Stay Alive To Loksound Decoders

Two Wire Or Three Wire Stay Alives?

Lots of people arent sure what they need. Loksound, Lokpilot and Train-o-matic work best with a 3 wire stay alive, Zimo or TTS require a 2 wire stay alive.

If you use a 2 wire stay alive with a Loksound or Lokpilot it's best to alter any settings before it's connected.

How to connect a stay alive

Some, but not all decoders come with loose wires on them for a stay alive such as the Loksound 5 below.

If you don't have the wires there are specific solder pads to connect them to on the decoder, on a Loksound 5 (or 4) its the first 3 pads at the left hand side of the decoder.

A two wire stay alive uses the 1st and 3rd pad (or the red and black stay alive wires).

The process for other decoders including Loksound micro, Zimo and TTS is very similar but the position of the solder pads varies.

Useful Diagrams

Loksound 4 and 4 micro

Loksound 5 and 5 micro

If you need a stay alive for your model you can find them here