Dapol Class 59 Sound Fitting

Dapol Class 59 Sound Fitting

 If you are fitting sound to the class 59 you might find this guide useful. The sound decoder is easy to fit, start by prising off the body, there are no screws, just 4 clips.

Some people have said the decoder doesn't fit, if this is the case, gently move the large black capacitor away from the centre of the PCB. On some models its been mounted slightly too far across.

If you have one of the Yeoman models with the American style lights you might want to alter the wiring to allow both of the markers to come on together, this will make all four white lights come on together on the leading end, and will over ride the night mode function. To do this bridge the blue and black wires, and yellow and white wires on the lighting PCB's at each end.

The speakers fit easily in the space provided, either use a pair of 20x20x7 speakers or an EM1.

This video explains the process and shows the model running

Find the decoder and speaker here.