Bachmann 37 (21 pin Version) Speaker Upgrade

Bachmann 37 (21 pin Version) Speaker Upgrade

Here's a step by step guide to upgrading the speakers in the 37. I've assumed that you probably already know how to get the body off. There are 6 screws and a magnetic tip screwdriver helps to get them out easily. Once removed this is what you will be presented with.

The next step is to unsolder the old speaker, ad remove that and the fan from the body shell, there are 4 screws, one is under the speaker.

Use black tack to hold the fan blades in place under the grill. 

Stick the speakers onto the top of the chassis using two lines of black tack and solder them in parallel to the two speaker contacts.

Once finished the model should look like the image above. Be careful that the speaker wire doesn't cross the screw hole. A bit of black tack can help to hold it out of the way. Replace the body and listen to your improved sound! Note how the new way of holding the fan is completely invisible once the body is replaced.

We did this upgrade to a factory fitted sound model, you can also use this method if you are buying one of our class 37 decoders which are available here.