Train-O-Matic 8 Pin Lokomamander II Micro DCC Decoder 02010212

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We know model train fans are often very loyal to their favourite brand of decoders. Because they appreciate quality and reliability. But as in life, sometimes something more attractive comes along and it’s time to make a change. This is that time.

Train-O-Matic Lokommander 2 decoders are pretty complete decoders, as you will see from the list of features below.  Even though they are tiny in size, they pack all the features you would expect from a premium decoder. But as a small company using the latest technology and production process, we are able to bring you the full features in this quality for a razor sharp price.

If you like to stay ahead of the game, you like updates. With the tOm Programmer, you are able to update the firmware every time there is a new release. We regularly update our firmware, adding new features and improved functionality (really, we are not talking bug fixes!). We don’t wait months, or as some, a year before a next update is released. We also like to stay ahead of the game.


Lokommander 2 decoder series

- NMRA compliant DCC locomotive decoder

- Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) configurable addresses

- 14, 28/128 speed steps

- Maximum motor current 1000mA

- Load compensation and BEMF

- Speed set at 3 points (Vmin, Vmid, Vmax) or in tabular form

- Shunting speed 

- Constant distance braking, activated on ABC/DC sector or at zero speed

- Reduced speed drive on ABC Slow Speed section

- Penduling function (Push-Pull) without or with intermediar stop

- Up to 10 dimmable auxiliary outputs

- Function output maximum 200 mA per output, maximum of all outputs 400mA

- Output Mapping to functions F0, F1-F12

- Short-circuit and over-current protection of motor and auxiliary outputs

- Bidirectional communication RAILCOM

- SUSI© and LocoWire© interface

- Outputs for Smart Power Pack (SPP ©)

- Electromagnetic uncoupler drive capability

- Upgradable software via the programmer, even with the decoder mounted in the locomotive

- Usable in H0, TT and N scale models

- Supply voltage 4-24V

- Ability to set different speeds for forward and reverse