DCC Sound Decoder Reblow

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Please read the description carefully before ordering

A reblow refers to the sounds on a sound decoder being replaced with a new file. We can reblow all Loksound decoders except Loksound 'select' which were typically fitted to bachmann locos from 2015-2018. We can reblow all other versions of the Loksound, even the older Loksound 3.5 decoders.

The newest sound files only work with the latest Loksound 5 decoders.

We offer two options. We can load any file from the ESU website including British Hifi, European, and American sound files onto your decoder, or we can load on sounds we have to buy in, such as Legomanbiffo, Coastal, Jamie Goodman, And Wheeltapppers.

The ESU sound library can be found here, if the loco you want isn't listed, or you don't want to use a sound from ESU's library you will need to select the £29.99 reblow option.

Please get in touch if you have any questions before sending a decoder.