Loksound 5 Decoder For European LS Models Vectron BR 193 Electric Loco

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21 pin Loksound 5 sound decoder for the LS Models Vectron

With a modified ESU sound file to work the lights correctly

Choose either the standard sugarcube speaker kit or upgrade for FREE to the 22x13x6 speaker.

F0 Directional lights

F1 Drive sound, pantograph

F2 High horn

F3 Low horn

F4 Fan

F5 Brake

F6 Shunting mode (half speed, white lights both ends)

F7 Curve squeal

F8 Directional cab lights

F9 Compressed air let off

F10 Guard whistle

F11 Coupling

F12 Dynamic brake

F13 Dead mans vigilance device, emergency brake

F14 German announcement 1

F15 German announcement 2

F16 Open/close door

F17 Rail clank

F18 Radio communication

F19 Compressor

F20 Lights off end 1

F21 Lights off end 2

F22 High beam

F23 Warning lights

F24 Top light off

F25 Switch flange

F26 Disable brake sound

F27 Fade out sound