Loksound 5, DCC Sound Decoder For Dapol Class 22

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21 pin Loksound 5 decoder for a Dapol class 22 with many modern features including playable horns, drive lock and manual brakes. This decoder will be supplied with a double iPhone speaker which fits easily into the space provided. It has been setup to work with the motor in the Dapol model and give smooth running. We will assume that this is to fit one of the newer class 22's from Dapol, if its an earlier one (pre 2018) please let us know when ordering so that the decoder can be set up correctly.

F0 Directional lights on and off

F1 Engine on and off

F2 High horn (playable)

F3 Low horn (playable)

F4 Coupling up

F5 Manual brake whilst moving, brake release when stationary

F6 Cab door open and close

F7 Compressor

F8 Drive lock

F9 Flange squeal

F10 Guards whistle (playable)

F11 n/a

F12 Fan sound

F13 Sanders

F14 Windscreen wipers

F15 Rail clank

F16 Short horn

F17 Fancy horn 1

F18 Fancy horn 2

F19 Directional cab lights (fade out when moving)

F20 Turn off tail lights (not applicable to early dapol class 22's)