Loksound 5, DCC Sound Decoder For 4014 'Big Boy'

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Loksound 5 decoder for a Hornby/Rivarossi 'Big Boy'. This is one of our own sound projects with many modern features including playable whistle, and manual brakes. Choose from a small 26x14 speaker which fits in the loco under the chimney, or fit a slab megabass in the tender for a bigger, more bassy sound.

F0 Lights (and dynamo sound)

F1 Sound on/off

F2 Whistle

F3 Bell

F4 Coal auger

F5 Manual brake

F6 Injector

F7 Cylinder blow out

F8 Air pump

F9 Flange squeal

F10 Guard whistle

F11 Coupler

F12 Sanders

F13 Brake set/release automatically

F14 Dumping

F15 Short whistle

F16 Safety valve

F17 Rail clank

F18 Station announcement

F19 Crossing communication

F20 Firebox flicker light (Aux1)