Loksound 5 Decoder For Bachmann Bachmann Class 24

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Loksound 5 sound decoder to suit the Bachmann class 24. Available as an 8 or a 21 pin decoder. Check which you need before ordering. If this is for a new 24/1 the function mapping on the decoder needs to be different so please let us know (You can leave a note at the checkout).

Supplied with SWD sound or you can select 'other' from the drop down menu if you would like the sound of another provider. You can add a note on the checkout page to let us know who's sound to use. See a video of the Legomanbiffo version below.

Choose either the standard sugarcube speaker kit or a FREE speaker upgrade from the list. We recommend the double iPhone speaker for 21 pin Bachmann models or the sugarcube for the older 8 pin model.