Loksound 5 Decoder For Bachmann Or Heljan Class 57

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Loksound 5 sound decoder to suit the Bachmann or Heljan Class 57. Available as an 8 or a 21 pin decoder. Check which you need before ordering.

Supplied with ESU sound or you can select 'other' from the drop down menu if you would like the sound of a specific provider. You can add a note on the checkout page to let us know who's sound to use.

Choose either the standard sugarcube speaker kit or a FREE speaker upgrade from the list.

Function list for ESU version: 

F0 Lights on and off

F1 Engine on and off

F2 High horn (playable)

F3 Low horn (playable)

F4 Coupling up

F5 Manual brake

F6 Cab door open and close

F7 Compressor

F8 Drive lock

F9 Flange squeal

F10 Guard whistle

F11 Heavy load (less responsive)

F12 Fan sound

F13 Sanders

F14 Windscreen wipers

F15 Spirax valves

F16 Station announcement

F17 Short horn

F18 Special horn

F19 Cab lights (If fitted)

F20 Aux2

F21 Volume control