Loksound 5, DCC Sound Decoder For Shinkansen O Series Bullet Train

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21 pin Loksound 5 decoder for a Zoukei-Mura Shinkansen 0 Series. This is plug and play and fits easily into the motorised coach. Comes with a double iPhone speaker with a short wire and plug to fit the connection inside the model

F0 Lights (and dynamo sound)

F1 Sound on/off

F2 Playable Horn

F3 n/a

F4 Passenger doors open/close

F5 Manual brake

F6 Cab door open/close

F7 Compressor

F8 Drive lock

F9 Flange Squeal

F10 Guard whistle

F11 Rail clank

F12 n/a

F13 n/a

F14 Windscreen wipers

F15 Spirax valves

F16 Station announcement (Japanese and English)

F17 On board announcment

F18 On board announcment

F19 Cab light (if fitted)

F20 Aux 2 (if used)