ESU 'Hifi' Sound Decoder For The 08 Shunter (OO or O gauge)

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To modernize the shunting service, the British State Railways BR procured 996 units of the Class 08 based on an LMS design from 1952. The three-axle diesel-electric locomotive had an output of 350 hp(261 kW/h, Speed 15 mph) and reached a top speed of 32 km/h. The two DC traction motors transmit their power to the wheel sets via coupling rods. 26 other locomotives received a gear reduction adapted for higher speeds and were listed as Class 09..

Different starting processes can be selected with F1: 1x press button = warm start / press button 2x = false start / press button 3x = cold start

F2 slows down the locomotive slowly.

F5 enables the heavy load mode: The diesel notch is always one up compared with normal operation. If you want to jump two notches, simply set CV 104 to 180 (instead of 150).

F8 turns on the manual ntoching. Once F8 is on, you can use F7 to notch up and F6 to notch down. F8, F6, and F7 must be turned off to return to normal mode. If F8 is off and you press F7, the prime mover will run to full speed.

F14, F18 and CV 170 value 0 or 1, can switch between a "normal announcement" or an announcement "with gong".

F9 can increase the speed of the spirax valve by double-clicking it. The speed levels are slow, medium and fast.

17 will bring the locomotive to full stop.

F21 and CV 168 = value 0 or 1, can switch between a "normal" or a "squeaking" wiper.

F28 and CV 164 = Value 0, 1, 2 or 3, can switch between different rail joints (three coupler can be activated with CV 165 = value 1).

F29 and CV 169 = value 0 or 1, can switch between the "Automatic Warning System (AWS)" or the "Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS)".